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In Memory of Pastor Jesse Earl McLendon

Pastor Jesse Earl McLendon was the chair of the NBLIC for thirty years. He was a great Community Leader and an even greater Community Servant. He returned to heaven on June 16, 2023 and we mourn his loss.

In Memory of Nisan Nash

Nisan was the beloved son of our long time NBLIC member Mrs. Sheryl Chester. He impacted the lives of anyone he came in contatct with. He returned to heaven on July 17, 2023 and we mourn his loss.

"Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare."

Audre Lorde, Writer and Civil Rights Activist

10:00am – 2:00pmNew Life Community Church1201 NNW Loop 323Tyler, TX 75702Host Pastor: Rev. V. M. Robertson

We would like to thank our sponsors for making this event spectacular!!Alpha Kappa Alpha
Alzheimer’s Alliance
Andrews Center
Area Agency on Aging
Atomy Vitamins
Christy’s Safe Haven
Divine Home Health
East Texas Hospice
East Texas Human Needs Network
G. E.’s Caring Hearts Home Health
Health and Harmony, Dr. Scher K Mama
Hospice Plus
Overcomers for Life
League of Women Voters

National Alliance on Mental Illness
National Black Leadership Initiative
Smith County Clubhouse
The Tyler League of Women Voters
UT Tyler Fisch College of Pharmacy
UT Tyler College of Nursing
UT Tyler School of Medicine
Visual Healing, Jasmine Cobb

Alarming rise in worldwide cancer rates among people under 50

Harmony and Health Northeast Texas

The Harmony and Health study is looking for Black adults living in the Marshall area to participate in a study aiming to reduce sitting time and improve psychosocial wellbeing. The study involves participating in mind-body relaxation or health
education sessions twice a week for 8 weeks and completing three assessments with our study team. Participants will be compensated for their time and provided with a Fitbit wrist-worn device. This study will take place at Wiley University in Marshall, Texas, and is being conducted by researchers at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. For more information, please contact our study team by phone at (713) 792-9400 or by email at HarmonyHealth@mdanderson.org

Andrews Center presents

Tuesday, May 7, 2024
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
2000 W. Front St., Tyler, TX

Mental Health First!

Since 2020, the NBLIC has been actively engaged in finding and promoting accessible mental health services for the underserved community. Each year we present a Mental Health Awareness Day event to highlight the professionals and volunteers who make getting mentally well easier. Here are some highlights from this year’s event:

Month of July 2024

Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

A series of programs to educate the community on resources available for mental health issues and ways to prevent mental health crises by catching it early.

Fall of 2024

Annual NBLIC Jesse E. McLendon Memorial Gala

A special banquet to remember the legacy of Pastor McLendon by participating in giving
for a scholarship fund and organizational goals.

Spring of 2025

Annual Nisan E. Nash Scholarship Award

A special time of giving to benefit a high school graduate who has overcome challenges
in order to graduate.

"I found that I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way — things I had no words for."

Maya Angelou, Poet and Civil Rights Activist

Connect With Us

At GET-NBLIC, your voice matters. Whether you're seeking information, support, or wish to join us in our mission, we're here to listen and respond. Our commitment to the community is steadfast, and our doors are always open to those in need or to anyone who wishes to contribute to our cause. Reach out today, and let's work together to forge a healthier tomorrow.

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In 1991, two East Texas nurses started a local coalition in Tyler, Texas to address the disproportionate burden of cancer deaths in the Black community. This group of local community volunteers called themselves the GET-NBLIC and they are still active in many local communities in East Texas quietly making a difference every day. The NBLIC currently has an
active board which meets quarterly and an advisory board which meets Bimonthly. Our purpose remains to eliminate health disparities in the African American Community. The NBLIC is a non-profit organization recognized by the IRS as a 501C3.

Our Mission

At the Greater East Texas National Black Leadership on Cancer (GET-NBLIC), we are dedicated to a future where the Black community is fully empowered to overcome the dual challenges of cancer and mental health. Our mission is twofold: to lead a concerted effort to promote cancer education, early detection, and comprehensive care, and to break the stigma surrounding mental health. We understand that a cancer diagnosis does not just affect the body; it also has profound effects on the mind and spirit. Therefore, our holistic approach emphasizes not only physical healing but also mental resilience and emotional support.

A Legacy of Advocacy

GET-NBLIC stands on the shoulders of giants—those who have pioneered the fight against racial disparities in healthcare and those who have highlighted the importance of mental wellness. With a legacy steeped in advocacy, we strive to create a supportive network that educates, nurtures, and uplifts individuals and families facing cancer. By fostering a community dialogue that openly addresses mental health, we pave the way for a culture of understanding and acceptance. Our efforts are tailored to ensure that every voice is heard and that every person struggling with cancer receives the support they need to maintain not just physical but also mental health.

Our Commitment to Mental Health Awareness

Awareness is the first step toward change. GET-NBLIC is deeply committed to enhancing mental health awareness within the Black community. We confront the challenges head-on by providing access to mental health resources, organizing workshops, and creating safe spaces for open conversations. Recognizing the historical and ongoing challenges faced by our community, we advocate for a future where mental health care is accessible, affordable, and free of stigma. Through education, support, and advocacy, we are building a foundation for healing and empowerment that honors the complete well-being of every individual we serve.

Current services provided include:Cancer Awareness Initiative:
To continue the NBLIC Legacy of service by providing information and referral services for
women who need assistance in getting a mammogram.
Mental Health First Initiative:
To Advocate for improved mental health services and availability for the African American
Mental Health System Navigation and Guidance Programs:
To provide information and referral services to individuals who are facing a mental health issue
or likely crisis.
Mental Health Awareness Breakfast:
To increase awareness of mental health and educate the African American Community on the
early signs and symptoms of mental illness.
Mental Health Awareness Speaken Bureau:
To assist local congregations and organizations in designing and planning their own customized
program to provide education on mental health issues.
Mental Health Services Resource Guide:
To develop a listing of local mental health resources that is easily understood by area residents
with information about accessibility and availability included.
Annual Mental Health Awareness Day Event:
To work with a group of like-minded organizations to improve the community knowledge base
regarding mental health issues and resources in the area.

Current Board Members:

Carolyn Harvey, RN, PHD, Chairperson
Quinnette Cooper, L VN, BA
Pastor Rodney Curry, Principal WISD
Debra Allen Jones, RN, BSN, Secretary
Ebbie Starling, RN, BSN, Treasurer
Detrese Harkey, BA, Parliamentarian
Shirley Marsh, RN, NBNA, Member at Large
Cheryl Garmon, DNP, RN, UT Tyler Professor, Member at large
Sheryl Chester, BA, MA, Educator, Member at Large

"I am not my illness. I am a human being. My illness is a part of me."

Bassey Ikpi, Nigerian-American Writer and Mental Health Advocate

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In Memory of Nisan Nash

Nisan was the beloved son of our long time NBLIC member Mrs. Sheryl Chester. He impacted the lives of anyone he came in contatct with. He returned to heaven on July 17, 2023 and we mourn his loss.

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